Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC (Pay Per Click) is undoubtedly one of the fastest ways to begin generating profits from your marketing efforts. Using the most advanced market research tools on the planet, we are able to uncover the missed opportunities in your market and create PPC campaigns that will provide the highest possible return on investment.


PPC Management Services

Ad Creation

When it comes to PPC, writing effective ads is an art form. Effective ad copy can turn a failing PPC campaign into a great success. We have been working closely with some of the top PPC marketers in the game, testing and fine-tuning our ad writing skills. You will be able to take advantage of our hard work and avoid pitfalls that are usually involved with entering into PPC marketing.

Landing Page Creation

Landing pages are key to the success of your PPC campaign. With the right landing page, you will increase conversions and obtain a higher quality score. A higher quality score will allow you to get more visibility out of your campaign for an overall lower cost. This means you will be able to rank higher in the sponsored ads for less money than the competition. Over time, we have mastered the art of landing page creation and have pioneered new methods and tactics that allow us to crush the competition. We will help you gain a major advantage over your competition as well.

Campaign Optimization

Campaign optimization is an important part of effective PPC marketing. This is the process by which we are able to find the "sweet spot" for your market. Using sophisticated tools, we are able to find the optimal bid price for each of your keywords and optimize your entire campaign to provide the highest possible return for your budget.

Advanced Tracking Solution

Savantic Media's advanced tracking solutions uses campaign-specific tracking phone numbers and emails. This allows us to closely track the activity being generated by each campaign. We are also able to monitor and track your entire website down to each page and even sections of each page. This is all done without any extra work on your part whatsoever